The coming of science and technology is indeed a blessing as it has made life easier for us. With different inventions from this industry, we have started to enjoy entertainment in diverse ways. The fact that these innovations are user friendly makes them even more desirable.

All the years of endless innovations in technology have paid off and the world of cellular network has upgraded tremendously, giving way for the grand entrance of sleek cellular phones. Some of this cellular phones have high capacity to process and store information.

The telecommunication industry has also contributed a great deal to the success of these mobile phones by ensuring that strong and trendy features are infused into them. Every mobile phone consists of certain features like the ability for the battery to recharge which serves as a source of power.

There is also the ability of the phone to make and receive calls as well as send and receive texts messages.These phones sometimes also come with camera features, music and video players. Now, depending on the level of software infused into the phone, a phone can enjoy certain features like a computer enjoys.

Phone lovers are always eagerly anticipating new innovations as the designs and capacities of the upgraded phones are usually very appealing. It’s amazing also how one phone can accommodate so many features ranging from calendars, calculators, digital cameras, video players, sharp recording abilities etc.

A lot of business owners have turned to using their mobile phones to achieve results and meet deadlines as a mobile phone can now allow you send and receive emails, read documents and also access power point features for presentations. Now mobile phones can connect to Wi-Fi and also use data from service providers and this makes it easy to work and keep up with the world on the go.

The cost of these cell phones would depend majorly upon their features and the kind of phone one is willing to buy.

Year in, year out, the turnover of sales for cell phones have increased tremendously. This goes to show the influence these cell phones have on their buyers.




There has always been a need to get hold of tangible information in the medical institutions as fast as possible. This has brought about a huge circulation of mobile phones in the industry. In fact, the need for these mobile phones can’t be overemphasized as this information are vital to human lives and not material things. Mobile devices now have a tremendous impact in the well-being of hospitals as they now have a huge influence on health. Also, the need for health care services to be mobile brought about the corresponding need for the provision of safe and reliable exchange of medical information in these health institutions.

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The services the mobile applications provide assists doctors to keep a tab on different areas of health of their patients. Some phone features make it possible to help the patient reach and ascertain medical goals because this application assists in the diagnosing of ailments as much as it can. Amazingly, this method is quicker than the conventional one. It may be safe to say that these phones are very significant for the upgrade of the medical industry. These applications enable healthcare institutions to achieve standard results in their services and workforce as well as integration among staffs and patients. In the absence of this phone application, it may have been costly to achieve all of these. This new form of healthcare application has been welcomed with open arms. The significance of these features are huge and the application helps to upgrade these health institutions substantially. Also, as a result of these medical mobile applications, the health sector is on a fast lane, much more than we expect.




Mobile applications bring about the highest level of healthcare services anywhere and in any occasion. It also stresses methods which are used to increase the standard of the health care institution.




Mobile applications proffer quick response to patient’s ailment. Health care experts can keep a tab on the patient’s progress and respond efficiently before they cause any serious damage.




Mobile health applications assist medical officials save up information of a patient in a way that is easy to account for. It makes the process less cumbersome and helps to make quick decisions concerning patients.




Next appointments with medical officials are made easy with the mobile applications. These applications make it possible for doctors or medical officials to access and be reminded of appointments as well as easily reschedule or cancel. It helps with time management.




Mobile health applications will help improve the image of the institution. They also help with notifications to patients and stake holders as well as make customer relationship management easy through the possibilities of accessing emails, websites and other features.




Are you looking at beginning a career in real estate in Jamaica? Do you have a flair for selling real estate and your location of interest is Jamaica? There are certain things you must do. You would need to attend the Real Estate Sales Man Course #100H. This course is offered at the University of Technology in Jamaica. Having completed and passed the course, your history/profile will be looked into thoroughly. This is to ascertain that you have a clean bill of character. After this is done, you will be required to come for an interview with the Jamaica Real Estate Board. The success of the interview will guarantee you the license to become a real estate agent. Let’s review the process one after the other.


The duration of this course is four weeks and it runs full time. This takes place at the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of Technology, Jamaica.

Here you would be offered resource materials which is imperative for you to acquire knowledge from in order become a seasoned agent. This course sets you on a journey to prepare you for what you are venturing into.

You will also undergo certain trainings that would give you the knowledge as to how to manage businesses for Jamaica Properties which include Rental, sales, leases amongst many others.


The industry of real estate is a very sensitive one. This is because money is largely involved. The authorities in this field would rather bring individuals that they can trust into the industry.

A lot of money and assets that would be handled will be coming from stakeholders who have shown interest in the business. Profile screening will help sieve out dishonest people that want to come into the industry. One major thing that is being considered during this process is a police report that shows that you have not been involved in any crime against the law.

Once it is ascertained that you have a clean slate and that there is no fraudulent activity that can be traced to your doorstep, you stand a chance of moving to the next level.


This is the next step after the profile screening. Here, all your files are gathered from the profile screening and you would be asked to come with them for an interview.

The interview is usually conducted by a real estate board executive. If the person is satisfied with your performance and profile, this person will put a stamp on your application. This shows that you have been approved to receive a license that would enable you practice as a sales agent in the country.



Since you have passed the exams, scaled through the profile screening, been approved and given a license, you are likely to be offered employment to deal in real estate.

Note: There are some situations whereby you do not need to obtain a license to deal in real estate business in Jamaica. However, it is advisable for you to look at the real estate acts of the country to be sure what terms apply.

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